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Document Object Model

2005-02-02 - Accessing the document inside an iframe


2004-11-04 - The unary + operator

2004-08-17 - Comparing escape(), encodeURI(), and encodeURIComponent()



JavaScript include() - 2005-02-09 - DOM-based include script to include JavaScript files from within other scripts.

Events - 2006-04-11 - The events framework that I use in private and public code. Written in April of 2004. Revised and re-tested since then on several production sites.

SnappySQL - 2006-03-18 - A clean interface to an SQL-style table.

Net - 2006-02-05 - A more robust library for XMLHTTP connections. Net.get() and Net.post() methods, successor to XHConn.

XHConn - 2004-08-30 - A simple library for XMLHTTP connections.

XHForms - 2004-10-15 - Submit forms via XMLHTTP (in the background). Docs forthcoming.

FormCollect - 2005-01-24 - HTML form encoding.

EditRows - 2004-06-24 - Simplification and re-coding planned. - Replaced by SnappySQL.


getFirstResult() and getFullResults() - 2005-01-24 - Functions to simplify retrieval of MySQL database results.